April 14, 2010

One 53 - Rocky Hill, NJ

153 Washington Street
Rocky Hill, NJ 08553
(609) 921-0153

Rating (Scale 1-5, with 5 being the highest):
Food: 5
Service: 4
Ambiance: 4

Cuisine: Contemporary American

One 53 has become a regular spot for me.  As I currently work in the Princeton, NJ area, I was looking for a dependable, local, warm environment to grab a nice meal.  After passing by for more than a year, I finally dropped in for a Monday night meal.  I totally fell in love.  I grabbed a seat a the bar and was welcomed by Andy the bartender for the evening.  After selecting a glass of wine, we moved on to making the all important meal selection.  After pondering the Mussels in White Wine broth with Garlic Toast, the Risotto Coquettes, or the Char-grilled Flat Iron Steak... I settled on the One 53 Burger with White Chedder and fries.  OMG... The Fries.... The burger is great, but the Fries are out of the ballpark.  Fresh cut and cooked to perfection.  Then if that was not enough, add Truffle Mayonnaise for dipping.  WOW!  I ate so many fries the owner brought me another serving to satiate my hunger.

This is a great place to grab a drink and a nice meal after a long day.  The patrons are very welcoming as most are regulars who are loyal to this local eatery.

About Time!!!

For the past 4 years my mother has been telling me to blog about the places I travel, so I started a small blog for my family and friends... but that quickly fizzed out.  Now I am going to try this again.  I love GOOD Food!  This is definately my mothers fault, having always encouraged and exposed me to various cuisines.  But I dont think she anticipated how this would snowball into the food monster I am today.  I am always seeking my next great meal.  Whether at home in Atlanta or on the road for business travel, I am constantly on the lookout.  No matter the cost, I am there....

So after hearing from my friends and family that I really need to stop just talking and start writing about all the amazing food I eat... Here I go!!!