May 18, 2011

Adventures in Albuquerque continued...

Playing catch- up....

 Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and Man vs. Food are two of my favorite resources for locating great food finds while I'm on the road, especially dive bars.  So of course I had to make the trek out to The Monte Carlo, liqueur store front with a steak house around back.  This local dive was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  I decided to have the Small Top Sirloin with baked potato and salad.  It was actually really good and especially the low cost.
Small Top Sirloin
 After Dinner I decided to head over to the St Clair Wine Bar and Bistro for dessert.  I was told to have the  Chocolate Port Brownie, but I decided on the Warm Apple Delight instead.  The apple tart was made with a cinnamon apple cider that was very delicate. 

Warm Apple Delight

And of course I love a good wine just as much as the next... but GREEN CHILE WINE!?!?????  That might be taking it a bit too far...

Green Chile Wine?!?
Green Chile Biscuits and Gravy
 Add then came Friday.  And how might you ask do you end such a wonderful week of great food experiences.  Biscuits and Gravy!  But not just any kind...We Southern folk love gravy.  We put it on everything, and before last Friday, I thought it was just about cooking up some flour and water and a little seasoning.  But Nooooo... we have been living in very simple deprived state. Mine eyes have been opened.  and what might you ask were we missing... GREEN CHILE! I met my friend RM and his mom for brunch at the Flying Star an ABQ version of Panera, and when I saw Green Chile Biscuits and Gravy on the menu I had to try it. Love at first bite.  I cannot even image having it the old way again. 

 After leaving Flying Star, we decided to drive down the street to the Frontier for dessert.  They are known for their cinnamon roll.  I didn't get a picture because I was too caught up eating.  What I did get a picture of was the Green Chile Burger that I took with me to the airport for lunch.  As you can see, very simple, but very good. 
Green Chile Burger

My friend and co-work RM tried to prepare me for the many culinary delights in ABQ.  I went in with a very mediocre set of expectations.  But what I left with was a very full belly and an ignited desire to find even more great places on my trip back next week.

May 15, 2011

Who ever would have thought I would be here?...Radcliff, Kentucky

Fried, Fried and then more Fried.

I have always loved fried food, but like most of use due to the impacts on our health and weight, I try to limit my intake. Radcliff, Kentucky however does not offer you many other options. 

Fried Catfish Dinner

Fried Chicken

Chicago Dog

Chicken Wings

Country Fried Steak

When you can't eat Bright.. Eat Fried!!

May 8, 2011

Adventures in Albuquerque

Who would have ever thought I would be in New Mexico?  It was never on my list of places to visit.  But due to work I am here.  I arrived on Monday with a list of places to eat in hand.  My friend and co-worker Ryan, who is originally from this area, set me up.  So Tuesday night I go to the first place on the list....

Sadie's on 4th Street.  New Mexican cuisine. Based on the recommendation I ordered the Carne Avado Stuffed Sopapilla's.  Out comes this huge plate with a mound of something dredged in cheese and lettuce.

Carne Avado Stuff Sopapilla - Sadie's
 What it turned out to be was a huge Sopapilla stuffed with the most tender and flavorful Red Chile roasted pork.  Of course I could only eat half, but I did try to eat more.  And despite how full I was, I could not leave without having a Sopapilla for dessert.  New Mexican style drizzled with honey.  As one of the guys at the bar said, "It's because of the Honey that you keep eating even when your full."

For those of you who know me I talk about food ALL the time to EVERYONE.  And so of course when the client executive sitting in the office next to me comes over to introduce himself, the conversation immediately redirects itself to food.  His top recommendation was Sophia's a small dive spot that serves breakfast and lunch.  As I try to figure out when I can go, it turns out that we are able to go for lunch on Wed.  So off to Sadie"s. As we pull up to this small pueblo style building, I am intrigued for you know I love a great dive bar.  And this little gem is that.  With 8 tables,  a chalk board menu, and a small kitchen in the back.... I felt nothing but love in my heart.  For lunch I had the taco's, very basic but also very authentic.  But then the idea came to me in a flash as I awoke this morning ...Go back for Breakfast...and VOILA!!!!  Here you have it the Sirloin Breakfast Burrito stuffed with sirloin, egg, cheese, potatoes and onion smothered in Green Chile.  I was faced with one of my biggest challenges in life... getting myself to stop eating!  This is such a hard thing when the food is so good. 
Breakfast Burrito - Sophia's

So what do I do next... I start planning for lunch.  While back at Sadie's on Monday, of the gentleman I met at the bar gave me a great list of local dive and greasy spoon places to go.  Including Murphy's Mule Barn, yes... I ate at a place called the Mule Barn.  And boy was it GOOD!! I drove up to this building and see lots of trucks parked, so not sure what to expect inside.  What you ask did I find.  A trusty greasy spoon spot with some of the nicest staff ever.  I could barely sit down before someone had my drink order, then someone else took my food order, and the service continued from there. 

I was told the Chicken Fried Steak was a masterpiece. And being so good at following instructions, that exactly what I order... OMG.  After a nice bowl of Beef Stew, I was served the largest piece of meat I have ever seen (it was larger than my laptop).  I did not know they made plates this big.  And let me now forget to say that they also expect you to eat the Fries or Mashed Potatoes and veggies that come with it.   This was one of the largest meals I have ever been served.. all for less than $10.
Chicken Fried Steak - Murphy's Mule Barn
 So whats next???... of course I'm thinking about it.

Eat Bright!!