June 8, 2011

Starving Artist Cafe - Little Rock, AR

 June 8, 2011

So I saw the name Starving Artist and was immediately intrigued. I had a reservation for lunch at one of the premier restaurants, but something about Starving Artist and food had me hooked. Just across the river on Mail street I found a very quaint spot with a diverse hodgepodge collection art on display. The art, all by local artisans, is available for sale. The restaurant allow each of those 'starving artists' to have their own gallery of sorts.

I immediately received a warm greeting by the manager. Then Mike my waiter was very helpful and selecting my meal. Starting with the Starving Artist house salad, with peppers, olives, and a house vinaigrette.

Next up, the daily fish special: Mahi-Mahi with corn crab relish. Fish was perfect, tender flavorful was the combination with the relish. The sauteed mixed vegetables melted in my mouth, next to the roasted red potatoes with herbs.

Then for desert, strawberry crepes with a creme anglaise. Not as prescribed on the menu with chocolate ganache, but perfect for me.

Little Rock, AR

June 7, 2011

There are some things you have to do when you visit certain cities no matter what. And today, that was visit the Bill Clinton Presidential Library in just 30 minutes before they closed. Check...

Jame Carville with hair!!! - I love this man.

So last evening as I sat reading in the Hampton Inn- Downtown Little Rock, two of the cleaning ladies were placing an order with the bartender (Sherri) for Chocolate pies... uhhh what is this? So I find out she also make Strawberry Pies and I order one. Well let me just share with you the amazing work of are I walked into today.

Absolutely Beautiful! And its taste great too. If you are ever in town, please stop by and place your order for any one of her offerings.

And so here I am, sitting at the bar at the Brave New Restaurant writing this entry. Just finished a superb bowl of Cream of Brie soup garnished with chopped apples and pecans, as I write this entry.

 Up next the Lobster Salad... Canadian lobster tails,lump crab meat,asparagus and lemon tarragon mayo. Garnished with fresh tomato slices, fresh fruit, Stilton blueberry, St Andes, European cheddar cheeses.  And yes you read that correctly...blueberry cheese.

 What's great is I don't have to order dessert... I have a strawberry pie to finish.