August 25, 2011

Betty's - Columbus, OH

Fried Banana Peppers... interesting!!!  Not spicy, mild flavor, but Good!

Eat Bright!!

August 19, 2011

Cafe Istanbul - Decatur, GA

So tonight we are celebrating my friend TC's 33rd at Cafe Istanbul Mediterranean Restaurant.
Prior to arriving I quickly checked out the reviews on Yelp which were mixed and did not add to our confidences. And now I sit on the floor basically with my back and butt hurting 15 minutes in. We are in a party of about 28 which alone should tell you this is going to be an adventure.

AP and I just ordered a bottle of wine and watching the shenanigans that come along with loud music, a belly dancer, and a bunch of hilarious people. I don't really know this group, but I already know this is about to be comedy.

While we wait to see when we might actually order food, I can't help but understand one of the key characteristics listed in all of the reviews. Everyone talked about how fun the atmosphere is...well, there is a DJ providing the soundtrack for tonight, and a very diverse full house of people. I am currently finding it a little hard to relax...literally. I am sitting on the floor basically. I cannot count these flat pieces of fabric as actual pillows.

One of the tables was smart enough to order as soon as they sat down, so I went and grabbed a couple of pictures of their food.

Finally my moment arises. I ate a but earlier so was not starving and decided to have just share the house Mezze platter appetizer. Out of the 7 items on the platter, I could only stomach one, the hummus. And stomach is a strong word, there is absolutely no flavor in anything I just ate. I love world foods, I usually choose to eat it over American any day. Baba ghanoush is my absolute favorite thing on earth, and today I am disgusted. Tabuleh which absorbs the flavor that you give it, was absolutely bland, not a drop of flavor. And even though the bread did seem to look appetizing, it was stale. They must have tried to warm it to soften it a bit.

At this point I am going to have to leave hungry... If the basic dishes that are the foundation of the cuisine do not prove to be good, I am not really interested in eating anything more.

This was so disappointing that I had to speak up to management. I never complain, usually only a constructive criticism if the chef or manager stops by... But this was blatantly disgusting...

I love my friend TC, and hope he had a great Birthday... But next time we are picking the restaurant...

Maybe my standards are to high...Eat Bright!

August 13, 2011

Rosebud- Atlanta, GA

Finally at Rosebud, AP set up brunch for today which we have not gotten to do for a while.

Let me get straight to the point... Pimento cheese with crackers, but not just any crackers. They put sprayed saltines with butter put them in the oven and sprinkled then with cayenne pepper...WOW!!! l

Next up,  Gordo's Breakfast... A buttermilk fried chicken breast, over an open face biscuit,
topped with two over easy eggs and sausage gravy, served with home fries. I am not a major chicken person, but this was the great. The chicken was moist and tender. The biscuit melted in your mouth. The fries had a slight vinegar bite that AP really liked. The portion was massive even after sharing I had more than enough for a late night snack.

AP has the GA Shrimp n Grits, with sausage onion and peppers, stone ground grits, and low country gravy, served in a small dutch oven.

Totally recommend Rosebud for a great Saturday or Sunday Brunch.

Eat Bright!

August 8, 2011

Goin' Coastal Seafood, Again!! - Atlanta

As we headed out tonight our destination for dinner was unknown. We tossed around idea's until it came to me... Seafood... Goin' Coastal off N. Highland. I made a quick reservation and our path was laid.

We arrived a little early so our table was not immediately available. We found two seats at the end of the bar. At most bars this would not be the best option, for tonight I would not have wanted to sit anywhere else. With a clear view into the open kitchen and direct access to witness the care and attention Seth, owner and chef, gives to the dishes that leave his kitchen.

We started with the Grit and lump crab fritters, beautifully fried yet amazingly creamy inside.

Then I decided on the low country boil, with crab, shrimp, andoulle sausage, corn and potatoes. Totally hit the spot because its not often that I can get my seafood fix like that.

A major plus to our overall experience was the owner Seth Hendricks. His welcoming southern personality just explodes throughout the place.  Even when an employee experienced a small crisis the entire team came together to keep the restaurant in balance and support her as needed.  One fun moment was as we watched Food network in the background,  there was a simple potato recipe that we felt was interesting.  So what did Seth decide to do recreate while we were sitting there. It was actually very tasty and we came up with a couple of ideas on how to improve it.

Loves his yelp reviews, so its good to know how serious chefs take the feedback of their customers.

How else would you close out such an amazing meal, then with his new PECAN PIE Milk Shake... Yes, you read that right. OMG...

Hands down, I can now say that Goin' Coastal is best seafood spot in ATL!

Hope your next meal leaves you feeling this Bright!!!
Eat Bright!