November 9, 2011

Sprig - Atlanta, GA

I am STARVING... as waiting for the credits to role on 'Anonymous', which was fabulous by the way, to signal that its time to go.  Immediately AP and I make a dash for the door knowing that Sprig closes at 10.  

Perusing the menu, there are a number items to catch the eye.  The waitress confirmed our ideas when asked for recommendations. We originally ordered the Kale & Shiitake Mushroom Grits...Yep, you felt it too.. absolute excitement!  That is until moments later they return to say they don't have them.  So we decided to try the Butternut squash Risotto. Sounded very interesting until it came out looking pretty plain and uninteresting. Then we tasted it and it was blah, something was missing.
Before Sage
When we brought it to their attention our waitress pointed out that they left off the fried Sage and parmesean cheese.   Unfortunately, even with the correct toppings, there was nothing stand up about the dish.
After Sage
As everyone who has read by blog knows, I'm always on the hunt for a good burger.  And after hearing that the Sprig Burger might make it into my top 4 for Atlanta, I was stoked.

That is until again, after the manager comes back to inform us that they are out of Holeman & Fitch Bread Co. buns.  So instead we order one on a gluten free bun and one they put on a H& F Hoagie bun. Then as we are sizing up our burger, we notice a key missing piece of color, tomato red.  And again they have to come back to our table to explain that they are no longer in season which we totally respect but the menu, which was listed as just redone for fall, still said burger included tomato.  That seems small, but think about how the words on the menu are all you have to go on as you build up your expectations of what you hope will be a dish that live up to them.

Now back to the burger...alternate bun choices were a total mistake, it of course totally took away from our BURGER experience.  Half of the experience is dependent on the taste the other is the feeling you get when you prep your burger then pick it up and take that first bite.  The gluten free bun was good for gluten free, but as expected it was crumbly and unable to really stand up to the weight of the patty.  The hoagie bun, was just funny to look at and so it sat untouched.  Now let me know forget to say that the quality of the meat and the flavor was great.  It was not bad at all, just requires me to go back again in order to better assess the burger. 

With hopes of closing this meal off on a good note we decide to try the Gooey Butter Cake, Pumpkin flavored due to season.  I know, what in the world.  It was to be a cake and cheese cake combo thing with lots and lots of butter baked in.  Which in my mind along with the word gooey in the title makes me expect moisture beyond all.  And that my friends was my mistake and that was exactly what it lacked.  You can even see it in the picture, they cake bottom is dry.  I think they had it in the fridge at too low of a temperature so it was drying out, it looked frost bitten. So after just a bite, we had to push it away.  It has so much promise just based on the title, but unfortunately the execution here left a lot to be desired.

Not going to take it off my list, but may not be rushing back next week... Eat Bright!!

November 3, 2011

Cafeteria 15L and Scotts's Seafood - Sacramento, CA

So here I am again...back at Cafeteria 15L. As I was eating my grilled cheese last time I herd the bartender say their burger is one of the best in Sac town. And as you know, I'm always hunting a good burger. I found one is Columbus, OH, Johnnies Tavern, that I visited weekly to have a Hot-fries (burger with pepper jack and side of Fries).

But I digress, I'm back now to try their Cafeteria Burger. I'm thinking goat cheese and bacon... As happy hour prepares to end, I decide to try their mac n' cheese. Served piping hot in cast iron pot, its perfectly golden on top. The flavors are mild and each bite accented with the crunchy texture from the bread crumbs.
Mac n' Cheese

OMG, this smells amazing. Of course I got the garlic fries again... and the goat cheese and special sauce are calling my name... and after I take the time to cut it and prepare for first bite...Its still quite pink. I ordered medium well + minute.
Burger with Goat Cheese and Bacon

I was sooo excited, it looked soooo good!!!

So here I am... Waiting again, hope I get the same feeling again... It doesn't, maybe it just me, but I hate when they mess up then put the same buyer back on the grill fully dressed... It like opening a present, I can't have the same excitement about what I will find perfectly wrapped gift... Plus they took my fries so their not piping hot anymore either... What had the promise of being joyful beyond all is not a disappointment.

Burger is good. But now I don't have a taste for it anymore...

Pray it comes out right the first time... Eat Bright... :-(

Take 2

So as I am still hungry, I don't know what to eat... then it comes to me just get some seafood.  Something that's the total opposite of the burger, as not to be comparing them.  So I remember something i saw online, Scott's Seafood.  Its not really in my direction, but hey I'm hungry. The manager and I have a nice chat and she recommends a mix of the Boston Clam Chowder and Spicy Crab Bisque.  Its sooo warm on a cool night like tonight...she recommended the mix as to soften the bite of the bisque yet still have the creaminess greatness of the chowder.  After a bit more discussion we decided that in the future a 3:1 bisque to chowder ratio might be better so more of the spice comes through.

Boston Clam Chowder and Spicy Crab Bisque

I also had one of each of the featured oysters listed below, with the Cortes island and Eld island being my favorite.

Favorites at 12 and 3

Sometimes it takes two... Eat Bright...

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