January 25, 2012

Indulging at home...

At home for the first time in months and fighting a bout with bronchitis, so decided I deserve to indulge.  Now as you know I do not go in my kitchen and actually turn on the stove often, but hey, miracles happen.
Fried Garlic Bologna Sandwich

How might I do that? With nothing better than a Fried Bologna Sandwich on steroids.  In case you want to recreate my beloved treat, here are the steps.

Begin by frying up the Garlic Bologna lightly on med-high heat.  As the garlic begins to permeate air, you can begin assembling your masterpiece...Starting with thinly sliced multigrain bread, slather each slide with a mix of mayo and minced garlic (yes, I love garlic!), then layer on a a few slices of Smoked Gruyere cheese and your fried bolonga.  But your not done yet, you then need to butter each side of your sandwich and fry it up again in order to get that beautiful golden color and warm the cheese.   

 Must give thanks to family friend for planting the thought of garlic bologna in my head over the Christmas holidays.

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