March 14, 2012

Lucca Restaurant - Sacramento, CA

It has been a while, the past couple of months were busy.  Preparing for the PMP exam totally consumed me and after PASSING decided to just take a month to breathe.  Then on Tuesday as I took my first bite at dinner, the urge hit me to Begin Again!

Lucca Restaurant lists itself as California-Mediterranean.  A coworked recommended Lucca a few weeks ago and as I drove down J street I decided to stop in.  I started with a simple chopped salad to keep with my resolution to have a salad a day.  It was nothing special and could have used a bit more dressing.

My entree, however, was to die for.  The Crispy Duck Confit, served on a butter bean ragout with Spanish chorizo and smoked bacon, herb bread crumbs, arugula & sherry vinaigrette.  My waiter warned me that the dish was rich and he was so right.  Each bit was an experience.  The skin was crisp as the meat was cooked to absolute perfection, falling off the bone.  The dish is a bit salty due to the chorizo and bacon, but by building your bite with the beans and meat together you could really appreciate the dish in its totality. 
Crispy Duck Confit
 All and all it was a great meal at a great price. Will definitely visit again.

 Distractions happen, Eat Bright!!

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