July 25, 2011

Dragon Berry Bomb by Laura

Must try...

Bicardi Dragon Berry
Red Bull
Dash of Grnadine

July 17, 2011

CakeLove and Bond 45 - National Harbor - Maryland

Finally eating, after wondering around for more than a hour. I came over to buy my mom cupcakes. As a food network fan, she wanted to try the CakeLove spot.  Founded by Warren Brown, the lawyer turned baker, who used to be on the show called Sugar Rush. I went in and brought 7, a mixture of flavors including the gluten-free vanilla.

There were a bunch of people gathered for the House of KAS anniversary fashion show on the pier, but in true fashion they were starting late. So finally decided to start looking for food. Unfortunately nothing caught my attention, I went to a number of spots to scope menus. Most of the good stuff was a chain, and I try not to eat what I can have at home when I am on the road.

I stopped in one spot and just had a drink, the menu was not so appealing. I think its one of those days where you just don't have a craving for anything. So finally I end up at Bond 45 and settle for a salad. Beefsteak tomato, onion and gorganzola cheese, it was simple yet satisfying.

Then after taking 30 plus min to get out of the garage, I made it back to hotel. Luckily mom was still up to try the cupcakes. So, after all that... How were they you ask?

Hate to say it, but they were a total disappointment. We picked over them. They were dry, the icings were not very flavorful. As my dad said, "these don't say BAM in my mouth."

Don't always believe the hype... Eat Bright!

July 11, 2011

Thrive - Atlanta, GA

So here I am sitting in the Sade concert listening to John Legend sing 'Take it Slow' in front of a screaming audience... Hungry as all get out.

We went to Thrive on the corner of Spring and Marietta prior to show thinking it was close and that they would understand how to handle the crowd. But NO, the food was slow, flavorless, and a total disappointment. AP ordered the mushroom risotto, which after one bite, we requested a side of goat cheese to add some flavor. I should not have to adjust my food in order to make it edible.

Then when I arrived I asked the waiter about the grouper tacos and he said they were "Phenomenal." I asked about his choice to use such big word. After more than a 30 min wait, I received some red shells with a bunch of lettuce and a small spot of some sort of corn salsa. But something was missing...What might you ask?


Where was it? I don't know. I couldn't find it, so after a couple of bite I had to just put it down.

So here I am... Starving.

Be better than me today... Eat Bright!

July 4, 2011

Goin' Coastal - Seafood - Atlanta, Ga

July 2, 2011
So about a week ago I received a frantic text 'Dude, new seafood spot off Highland,' followed by an blackberry invite.

So here we are at Goin' Coastal Seafood, after going on what was supposed to be a quick shopping stop, that turned into a whirlwind dress buying extravaganza. Its early afternoon, and the place is packed. Luckily because we did have a reservation for later this evening they were happy to free up that slot and seat us early. The light blue walls are very calming and foster a very relaxed atmosphere.

Posted on the wall they have their mission statement, which is to be a 'sustainable seafood joint.' Conscious of the long-term impacts of over fishing and farming on the ecosystem

Waitress - Amber
First out the fresh cheddar biscuits with herbs. We hated admitting this... but Red Lobster's are still the undisputed champ.

Then the show began. I ordered Fried lobster tacos with a corn cilantro salsa with corn on the cob and hush puppies. The salsa had the perfect small bite of spice, that was not over powering to the lobster. I love corn on the cob, so I definitely relished every bite. Then the hush puppies. These might be the Best I Ever Had, like nothing I have ever had. They actually melted in your mouth. The crunch exterior, but a fluffy interior. AP compared it to a funnel cake/elephant ear.

AP ordered the Fried Seafood Platter, with catfish, shrimp, and oysters. We didn't really order the oysters so they brought out more shrimp. The batter was not just your typical cornmeal batter, it was very crunchy yet still light. I know that sounds odd, but it was. The platter was served with a tomato, cucumber and feta salad, and cheese grits. We forgot to ask exactly what's cheeses were in the grits, but we are guessing something like a white cheddar and parmesan cheeses.

Unfortunately we were so quick to start eating, I only have picture from after we started sharing our foods.

Then of course AP wanted gelato next door from Paolo's. And then guess what?...

They had an avocado gelato. OMG... And you could order mini scoop for $1.50, served in a 2inch cone. It was perfect. Just a taste. I believe there is am thin line when it comes to making something like avocado or salt sweet. There is a lot of room to overdo it. But they accomplished it fabulously.

So final thought, this is probably one of my favorite seafood spots in Atlanta.
Eat Bright!

July 2, 2011

Cotham's Mercantile - Scott, AR

June 8, 2011

The Hub Cap Burger at Cotham's Mercantile, in Scott AR. Thinking about lunch today, I figure I could not not have the burger. As my friends know, I hunt good burgers. I heard about Cotham's while searching the Man vs Food archives. With a satellite location in downtown Little Rock I figured it was a sure bet. But after asking around, everyone said it was not as good as the original. So here I am, about 15 min away from office, completely stuffed having just ate what is probably now in my top 5 favorite burgers.
Hub Cap Burger with Cheese and Corn Fritters

The Hub cap burger is a 6 inch diameter burger cooked well done (house norm) with mayo, onion, tomato and pickle. Even though well done each bite was moist and almost melted in my mouth. I opted for corn fritter instead of fries, which should have been a no brainer. The corn fritters were perfectly golden and exploded with a wonderful fresh sweet corn flavor.

Corn fritters

Drink Shop - W Hotel - Downtown Atlanta

Fried Olives... Stuffed with Spicy pork sausage...WOW!

That's all.

Eat Bright!